You’re Invited To A Whole New World In Restaurant Delivery!

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Expert Delivery

• COVID-19 PPE and training for ALL drivers.

• Equipped with masks, gloves, and hats

• TAMPER PROOF technology

• Dancin’ Drivers


Social Media Programs

• Ongoing customer engagement

• Special Promotions

New Era Digital Marketing

• D3 comic book series (digital, printed Ads, deals, menus)

• Generate weekly traffic with coupons that must be used in store only

• Have your very own digital billboard within our Interactive Digital Space (IDS)

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“High quality services and food protection. We are trained and equipped to deliver…”

EXPERT Delivery
  • Food Handlers, Covid-19 training for drivers and employees
  • TAMPER PROOF Technology
  • Drivers equipped with masks, gloves, and hats
  • Dancin’ Drivers!

“Connect with your customers like never before.”

EXCLUSIVE Personalized Customer Experience
  • Custom loyalty programs
  • Birthday/Anniversary Marketing
  • Personalized Promotions (Online/ In store)
  • Proactive Customer feedback (Helps prevents bad reviews)
  • Dancin’ Drivers!
  • Push Notifications

“Create content your customers love and keep coming back for.”

Digital Content Creation
  • Eye catching social media and video content
  • BETTER blogs, press releases, and surveys
  • Internet review management
  • Digital strategy consultation
  • Game changing marketing content/management

“Marketing for a new era.”

New Era Digital Marketing
  • Enter into the world of Dancin Delivery within our Interactive Digital Space or IDS

    (Integrate your visibility across our Website, app, and all digital marketing systems)

Toll Free: (866) DAN-CIN1 • (866) 326-2461
Office: (404) 870-8072 • (678) 221-6888

Welcome to the World of Dancin' Delivery!

Our Expert drivers not only deliver, but we Dance your food to your front door! With our tamper proof and temperature control technology; we are well prepared to serve your every need! Our customers become family and our partners become heroes. Enter into the world of Dancin' Delivery for a fun, dynamic experience!

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